Sarah the Freewoman

Sarah the Freewoman

The importance of Sarah at this time is in what she symbolizes.

The transition of power that took place two thousand years ago was the type-and- shadow of the transition that is to take place today, illustrated by the beheading of John the Baptist, the beheading symbolizing the decrease of power and authority associated with mind-body disciplines, and the increase of power and authority associated with a heart discipline. It is important that we move with this transition by desiring to be spiritually free.

Sarah symbolizes The Heart. Freedom can only come through the heart. We cannot think, practice, or pray our way to it. We must go beyond the disciplines of today. The disciplines of the east, which is directly related to the spirit, are disciplines of the mind and body. They serve to prepare us for what is to follow, as this is the process of creation… “And the Spirit of God moved… and God said, Let there be light…” Eastern practices were around long before Jesus, "the light of the world." But in order for this new spiritual creation to be completed within us we must incorporate the practices of the east (e.g. quieting the mind) with the instruction found in the Sacred Text of the west. It will require the works of the Word for this new spiritual creation to become reality, spiritual works that are encoded in the first book of the Torah, which Jesus made known to the world through his words and actions. If the knowledge of the east were all that was needed for this new spiritual creation there would have been no need for the knowledge that has been given to us through the Sacred Text of the west. Likewise, if the Spirit of God (Love) were enough, there would have been no need for Jesus (the Truth incarnate), who spoke of and illustrated the works that are needed for our spiritual creation.

Take notice of how many people today are talking about love and consciousness. There is a direct correlation between spirit and consciousness. Thought is energy, and there is an attempt being made to reach deeper levels of consciousness through the spirit, energy, or power of the mind. But this is a futile attempt as these deeper levels are of the sub-conscious or heart, the power of which supersedes that of the mind, having the two divine attributes needed for a completed creation or transformation, or to reach what some call “Christ consciousness,” the deepest level of consciousness that can only be reached through that spiritual anointing called christ. This christ or power of the heart is the “double portion” Elisha received at the taking of Elijah, and Jesus received through his baptism by John. The spirit, without the works of God's Word, has no power to form us into a new creation, that new Jerusalem that comes down from above, revealing its spiritual element— a new peaceful state of being. We need only look to the city of Jerusalem to see that man has yet to accomplish this.

The Bible or Word of God teaches us that the word is the seed of God (Luke 8:11) and that all things are made by a seed (John 1:3). We cannot be a made a new spiritual creation (although many claim to be) without the seed, just as the physical creation could not be made without God's word, which was the works of creation. God's physical creation (through an understanding its symbolism) provides us with an overview of the spiritual works that results in this new spiritual creation. If those of religion, and those who profess to be spiritual, were really experiencing this new spiritual creation, the world would not be heading away from freedom, symbolized by Sarah, and into bondage, symbolized by Hagar. Bondage is the result of man's attempt to transform himself through the power of his mind (mental energy) instead of through the power of his heart (emotional energy). Abraham had sons by three women, Hagar and Keturah were concubines, bondwomen, symbolizing bondage. Some scholars suggest that Hagar and Keturah were one and the same, and symbolically speaking this is true. Hagar represents those of religion, those who claim to have the gifts mentioned in scripture. Keturah represents those who claim to have spiritual gifts, such as pyschics, mediums, and empaths, having the ability to predict the future, tap into the spiritual realm, or into someone elses' emotional realm. But it was Sarah’s son that received all that the Father had.

“And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son…” Genesis 25:5,6

Sarah symbolizes the Heart. It is through the heart that we claim all of the Father’s inheritance. It is within the heart that we do the works that constitutes the word of God, spiritual works that Jesus spoke of and demonstrated while he was on earth. David and Jesus spoke of the condition of man's heart, and its need for purification. We hear so many speaking of the holy spirit of love these days, yet are completely unaware of the unholy spirit of anger residing deep within their heart. “We are One” they like to say. Yes, and We are one with the evil as well. We are a part of the evil, empowering it from within our own heart, yet We do not want to see it, thereby resisting the holy spirit that is attempting to bring it into our awareness, rejecting the Word of God, which says, “resist not evil.”

“Simeon and Levi are brethren, instruments of cruelty are in their habitations…  in their anger they slew a man; and in their self-will they digged down a wall.”  Genesis 49: 5,6

Anger and control (self-will), the two unholy spirits that continue to work through man due to “man’s word,” which shall be his burden” (according to Jeremiah). Two spirits that demonstrate cruelty, witnessed in type-and-shadow 70 years ago, and now throughout the world, the end result of this internal anger being an external control. Bondage within and bondage without. The ultimate slavery!

“For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by the bondmaid, the other by the freewoman.”  Galatians 4:22

Written by Sandra L. Butler (Copyright @ 2014)
Author; The Bible Decoded; The Little Book for the Soul