United States Flag

The United States Flag


The eagle symbolizes the presence of God.
Red symbolizes the Spirit of God (Love). White symbolizes the Word of God (Truth). Love and Truth is the presence of God.


Blue symbolizes the peeling off process that makes us free, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. The seven red stripes represent this spiritual process or metamorphosis. The number seven refers to spiritual. In Hebrew, seven means to seven oneself, seven times (7×7), which equals 49, the number of days between Passover and the day of Pentecost or Shabuoth. The new life we obtain through our one-time spiritual Passover and one-time spiritual day of Pentecost is 1 added to 49, bringing us to a spiritual measure of 50— to our spiritual Jubilee.

“Jubilee, among the ancient Jews, extraordinary Sabbatical year (following every seventh ordinary Sabbatical year) celebrated every 50th year. In the year of Jubilee, the land was completely left to rest. All debts were remitted; land that had been alienated was restored to it original owners; and all Jews, who, through poverty, had obliged to hire themselves out as servants, were released from bondage.” (“Jubilee.” Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1986 ed.)

The fifty stars symbolize the freedom that is associated with the spiritual process that brings us out of spiritual and physical bondage. The process through which we are made free is encoded in the 49th chapter of Genesis.

Written by Sandra L. Butler (Copyright © 2006)
Website: www.thebibledecoded.com