Ancient Aliens


This is an article I’ve wanted to write for some time now, inspired by History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.



THEY were humans, possessing the same divinity as the “first Adam,” the first of his kind, made a spiritual being, made in the image of God, with spiritual abilities and godly intelligence. Adam became a human being through the adding of flesh. Flesh and spirit, a duality illustrated through two lineages. Cain represents the beastly nature of flesh, while Seth represents the spiritual nature of the divine being. THEY are those that overcame what constitutes a flesh that cannot be seen, becoming pure spirit while still living in the flesh body, who will experience no limitations in the spiritual realm.

THEY came back home, to the place of their physical existence, where they received, and applied the spiritual knowledge left by our ancient ancestors, encoded in our ancient ruins, sacred texts, ancient writings, and coded works. THEY followed the ancient instruction, completing the spiritual works through which they received the holy seed, receiving the highest degree of spiritual life in the spiritual realm— an existence without limitation. They can go where they want, when they want, at will.

“Is not it written in your law, I said, ye are gods? And if he called them gods unto whom the word of God came…”

THEY became what the Bible calls “the last Adam,” having the word or holy seed of God, quickening spirits, time-travelers, who had the ability to go backward and forward in time, leaving us this ancient spiritual knowledge, which they spread throughout the whole earth.

THEY left behind spiritual knowledge, which was brought to earth by Jesus, the holy seed made flesh, who like "the first Adam" possessed spiritual abilities and godly intelligence, revealing the ancient instruction through which we become the gods we seek to understand. This knowledge appears in the math and measures of our ancient  structures (e.g., the 72 columns of “The Forbidden City” and the estimated 144 thousand facing stones of “The Great Pyramid”), the former pertaining to The Mind, the latter pertaining to The Heart, spiritual measures that represent a pure mental and emotional state. But this ancient instruction, left in the form of symbols, was misinterpreted. It was never to be about the sacrificing of human hearts and  innocent children. It was about the sacrificing of the spiritual impurities of the heart, which are responsible for destroying  the pure essence that exists in children. That is what we have all unwittingly sacrificed.

THEY could be one of two distinct types that have written about in the Holy Bible. In the story of  Abraham we have three men, appearing and disappearing as if into thin air. We have Enoch, who was, and then was not. These walked with God, becoming spiritual beings, having no need for any kind of space-ship. Then we have Ezekiel, who describes what appears to be a ship— a flying object, and we have what appears to be strong evidence to support the possibility of beings arriving in ships, although to this day we have no physical evidence of that. I believe it was David Childress that presented the theory that these “aliens” are us in the future; witnessing to a truth I was gifted with several years ago. Let me elaborate. There are two paths. One taken through the mind. The other through the heart. Some choosing the road of science. Others choosing the road of spirituality. Great civilizations have been destroyed as a result of using the power of the mind and scientific knowledge to gain spiritual power. Choosing science over spirituality is choosing the literal path over the spiritual path, offering two very different perspectives, symbolized quite possibly by the letters and numbers discovered in Da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa. Those that chose the spiritual path, completing the spiritual works of a spiritual creation, will have the ability to go wherever they want in the spiritual realm, traveling as spiritual vessels, without the need of a spacecraft. We are capable of so much more, abilities that go way beyond what can be gained through science or the power of the mind.

For what purpose? To teach us some great spiritual truth? They already have, demonstrating their spiritual abilities and godly intelligence through their constructions, astounding the learned minds of our time. Maybe we should consider that it is not about the ancients returning to us, but about us returning to the ancients— to the ancient instruction THEY left behind for us to follow, encoded in our sacred texts, ancient writings, and coded works, through which we ourselves become the gods we seek to understand— the divine beings we know existed in former ages.

Article written by Sandra L. Butler on (Copyright © 4/17/2013)
Author; The Bible Decoded; The Little Book for the Soul
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