Laden & Hussein

Osama Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was in the headlines, on the heels of Osama Bin Laden. With this on my mind, and knowing the importance of understanding the symbolism in order to receive the spiritual message behind the physical event, it begged the question:

“Lord, why two enemies of Israel?”

Within a couple of hours I turned on the television to watch Oprah. It was shortly after the broadcast time so I was not aware of the show’s topic. The first words out of Oprah’s mouth were: “He’s a liar, he lies about everything.” She was talking about Saddam Hussein. Then I understood. Israel symbolizes The Mind, the spiritual enemies of which are fear and lies. The events of September 11th created fear, associating it with Osama Bin Laden. Fear is the destructive energy that gives power to lies, giving power to Saddam Hussein.

Two enemies within and without.

Written by Sandra L. Butler (Copyright © 2001)

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