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cicadaThe 17-Year Cicadas
Reading the signs for an adulterous generation

There are signs to indicate the times. The return of the 17-year cicada to the northeastern US is an important one. I wasn't even aware they were returning until a few days before they emerged. They are sometimes referred to as the "17-year locusts" and maybe for good reason, as "locust" means "to point to the Most High" (revealed to the teacher of the first revelation). They come up out of the ground every 17 years, a parallel to Joseph, who at 17 years of age came up out of the ground, entering Egypt, which symbolizes The World. Jesus also disappears from scripture for the same amount of time, spending time in a spiritual ground.

"Joseph, a parallel to Jesus— hated by his biological brothers, as Jesus was hated by his religious brothers. He was falsely accused and thrown into prison, as was Jesus. But in the end, both would bring salvation to the people. Joseph dwelt with his Hebrew brothers in the land of Canaan, as Jesus dwelt among his Jewish brothers in the land of Judea. And both entered Egypt in order to preserve their lives."
-The Bible Decoded

And that is exactly what the cicada does. It enters the World for the purpose of preserving its life. I remember when I left behind what was becoming a religious mindset (back in 1997), those I had left behind saying I had gone back into the World. Yes, I had to gone into Egypt in order to preseve my spiritual life. The cicada sheds its old skin, symbolizing the removal of the spiritual flesh that has been formed over the heart through our many false religious and personal beliefs.

O stiffnecked and uncircumcised in HEART and EARS! you always fight against the HOLY SPIRIT; as your FATHERS did you do also. Acts 7:51

"When we stop resisting the holy spirit of our heart, it begins to influence the thoughts of our mind, exposing what is in the heart, bringing to light our word of error, exposing every false belief we’ve accepted into our heart. This false word makes up the flesh that covers the heart. With each false belief we remove, we remove a layer of flesh, which is circumcision of the heart. The more of truth we become, the more of spirit we become, the flesh moving through degrees of density, becoming lighter and lighter, which is the process of spiritual ascension."
-The Bible Decoded

Once free of their old skin, the wings of the cicada are given power. It is time to shed our old skin, restoring the spiritual power we were gifted with at birth to its former glory. The last cycle of the 17-year cicada was in 1999, the year of our calender often correlating with the ages in the Bible. The promise was made to Abraham at age 99. It was fulfilled the following year, which ties in perfectly with the other dream.

The return of the cicada is a sign pointing to the time of spiritual conception. I offer up this knowledge to an adulterous generation, unto whom no sign is given but "the sign of Jonah," which was revealed as "the pigeon returning from the mating season," meaning "it's over." He that hath an ear let him hear.

One more interesting fact. A couple of days ago I noticed my husband outside with his dB meter (he's a musician). He was measuring the sound of the cicadas. It was 66 dB's. I had him do it again the next day. Again, 66 dB's. The Word of God consists of 66 books. It is time to conceive of the spiritual Word of God.

Written by Sandra L. Butler (Copyright © June 4th, 2016)
Author; The Bible Decoded; The Little Book for the Soul
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